The Grumpy Garbanzo vegan food for real life

BBQ Tofu with Broccoli and Couscous

If you've ever found yourself stuck in a frozen–meals–for–lunch rut, you'll have an appreciation for this easy, savory, transportable meal that can be made in advance. Unlike that sad frozen burrito or the stir fry that came in a much smaller paper bowl than anticipated, this meal will not leave you hungry nor questioning whether your idea of a serving matches the recommended portion. This couscous, tofu, and broccoli dish bridges the worlds between pre–made and home–made, making meal–prepping a less intimidating endeavor. Let's make lunch less disappointing.


Boxed couscous (or use bulk and add your own seasoning)
Pre—seasoned firm tofu
Fresh broccoli
BBQ sauce


Make couscous according to instructions.

Chop tofu into pieces and sauté with BBQ sauce until the sauce forms a glaze.

Chop and steam broccoli.

Top couscous with tofu, broccoli, and added BBQ sauce to taste.

What did I use and why?

While it's not the most wholesome couscous around, I used Near East roasted garlic & olive oil couscous because I grew up eating the parmesan flavor and it brings back memories. I used Wildwood's savory baked tofu because it tastes like chicken! Famous Dave's Natural Sweet BBQ sauce is my favorite. It is free from honey and high fructose corn syrup.