The Grumpy Garbanzo vegan food for real life


Meltaway Peanut Butter Cookies

My advice to you: sample the dough sparingly, chew gum, light a candle, freeze half of the dough for a future whatever you need to do to avoid overdosing on the smell and taste of peanut butter during the baking process. Do this, and you will be able to enjoy these melt–in–your–mouth, soft in the center, crispy around the edges peanut butter cookies to their fullest capacity.

Normal Chocolate Chip Cookies

In my 5 years of being vegan, I've encountered and attempted many imposters of chocolate chip cookies. There's always the troublesome question: should I trust an explicitly vegan recipe or use a normal recipe and make substitutions? The answer? You should make this recipe. Why? Because it produces chocolate chip cookies that are exquisitely normal.

Dog Chow

Puppy chow is a socially repressed dessert. It's allowed to make an appearance at children's sports events or elementary school cafeterias.But have you ever come across a bowl of puppy chow at a dinner party, casually sitting next to a bottle of champagne? Probably not. This is a serious problem.

Halfway Healthy Banana Bread

Is banana bread a dessert? A snack? A reasonable breakfast? Does it deserve its own terminology—perhaps dessnackfast?